6 Neurological Hacks to Getting Calm Fast

Hosted by Erin Brandt & Andrew Kippen


"The most important thing that humans can do to stay useful to themselves and others under stress is to stay calm and engaged."

- Erin Brandt, MS, Calm & Engaged Founder

In this free training, you'll learn:

  • Simple, but effective techniques that can help you deal with stressful situations.

  • Practice what you can do when you need to soothe yourself FAST.

  • 6 Techniques that can save your life, buy you time, get you thinking more clearly, bring your creative problem solving skills back online
  • How to share these techniques with friends and family so you have people around you who are calm and grounded.


About Your Presenters

Erin Brandt, MS, travels full time working with men's groups, helping men heal their relationships with women. She's been a private men's coach for 12 years. Now, she leads a blend of attachment work + nervous system co-regulation, and teaches men & women to both have compassion for and appreciate their differences.

Erin was an Injury Evaluation and Treatment Therapist for 22 years, a Personal Trainer and Movement Analyst for 9, and a Partner Dance Instructor for 25. She has a Master's in Human Movement Science. Erin condensed about 9 years of learning about attachment theory and nervous system regulation into 3, assisted Diane Poole Heller, and now leads her own trainings in person and online at www.CalmAndEngaged.com  


Andrew Kippen leads men and women to create dramatic change in their lives. With 10 years of working in startups and agencies, he knows first-hand the challenges of today’s fast-paced, always-on workplace. Leading marketing teams at Boxee and Canary, he felt immense stress, burnout, and depression. In 2014, he used Hypnotherapy to heal himself, and then became a Hypnotherapist to help others do the same.

The Subconscious Way, his blended approach to transformation, teaches individuals and companies how to create change in their beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and habits. He’s a facilitator and coach for EVRYMAN. He's studied Hypnotherapy, Buddhist Psychology, NLP, Neuroscience, Energy Work, Breathwork, Somatic Experiencing and Gestalt therapy. http://subconsciousway.com

"That call was incredible. I love you and I love her, and I just imagined my grandma patting my face the whole time. I had to hop off early because my kids are going nuts after 3 days of quarantine. But I can’t wait to wait [to watch] the recording again and again."

- Workshop Participant

"I really like how, and what, you presented.  It felt like having a coffee with an old friend and sharing familiar conversation."

- Workshop Participant

"I really want to share this with my clients. It was the most helpful thing I’ve found, and the most normal I’ve felt in a week after doing these exercises."

- Workshop Participant

"You were amazing. I’ve been using those tools in the week since, and really appreciating the nurturing loving presence you provided."

- Workshop Participant

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